Rubber Bellow

Blast bag or blowing bag is the old name of bellows. Bellows is the plural form of the word used. Bellows were used as air blowers in mining fields. While Rubber bellow is a different thing. Rubber bellow is a material used in machines for covering machinery parts. It is made up of rubber. It is quite flexible in use. The main purpose of rubber bellows is to protect the machinery pieces of equipment from rust and collision. Before attaching rubber bellow with machinery parts, proper greasing and oiling should be done in machinery parts. Due to rubber bellow flexibility, the machinery parts are safe from collisions and their working capacity is increased. It acts according to the machinery appliances' moves. These bellows are in great demand. Heavy-Duty Vehicles and machinery dealers are one of the major buyers of rubber bellows. We are one of the best rubber bellow manufacturers and suppliers from Mumbai based in India. Conical Rubber Bellow, Expansion Rubber Bellow, Natural Rubber bellow, and Silicone Rubber Bellow are types of bellows we provide. And also we provide it in Bulk.